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1st Week Update From Dr. Bearden

Dear Families: We have had a good first two days.  I am proud of our entire staff for their hard work and preparation.  Your children were very compliant with our new protocols and procedures.  They were respectful of our staff and one another.  Thank you for that.  We MUST remain vigilant! We do need your help with a couple of issues.  Children who are symptomatic should NOT be in school.  Children waiting on the results of a Covid-19 test should NOT be in school.  Sending symptomatic children and those awaiting test results to school is compromising our ability to keep all staff and students safe.  If this continues, it will compromise our ability to keep our schools open. I implore you to please model for your children what we expect of them, especially when you are on one of our campuses.  We expect EVERYONE on campus to:  Mask up, Wash up, Cover-up (coughs and sneezes), Back up (give space) and Clean up.  This is our new normal and we all need to form new habits.  It takes a little time but I do believe if we will all work TOGETHER, we can keep all of our schools open.  If symptomatic children continue to come to school, we are going to be directed by the Department of Health to quarantine more students and staff.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  I encourage you to send this letter to your friends and neighbors and post it on social media.  You will likely get another friendly reminder about these issues from your principal next week.  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and let’s have an awesome week 2. With your help, we can do this! Sincerely  Jeff

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