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A Message From Our Superintendent

Dear Parents: Thursday, August 13th, will mark the return of our students.  It’s been five long months since we last had them on campus.  It will be an emotional, exciting day.  Thanks to our outstanding team of professionals, we will be ready! As you know, we gave our families a choice of virtual or face to face learning.  While some have chosen the virtual option, the majority have opted to return to our schools.  We are going to do our best to provide a quality experience for all our students, virtual and face to face. Last spring, our staff performed heroically.  Our parents did too!  I don’t use that word lightly.  I mean it.  This year, our staff is being asked, once again, to rise to the challenge, the greatest challenge in our professional lives.  No doubt, they will.  As a team, we will.  As always, but now more than ever, we need your help and support.  We will be at our best if we work together, respect one another, support one another, and care for one another.  Please be patient as we work through the logistics of this school year.  Our team is working so hard. Please consider what you and your peers can do to show our staff how much you appreciate, respect, and support their work.  Little things matter.  An email, a note, a social media post letting everyone know that you care, neighborhood signs of support, etc….it all matters. Please remember, this is a very fluid situation.  I get daily reports on our local data.  And data will continue to drive my decisions.  We must all be flexible, adaptable, and prepared to pivot at a moment’s notice.  Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.    Please remind your children, let’s ALL:  Mask Up, Wash Up (numerous times a day for at least 20 seconds), Cover-Up (sneezes and coughs), Back-Up (social distance when possible) and Clean Up (work to keep all areas clean; it’s a team effort). Finally, please feel free to share this message with your friends and neighbors.  Post it on social media.  As you have heard me say before, the best schools and the best school systems are the ones where home, school, and community work as partners.  I wish you and your families a healthy, happy school year.  We’ve got this! Sincerely, Jeff

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