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Fun Fact Friday - How Do I Know When Buses Leave the School?

Every week the PTO would like to bring you fun facts about Sawnee, things you may or may not be aware of that make our school experience exceptional.

Today I want to highlight one of my favorite little facts that has saved me so much time!

Did you know the school updates on its Facebook page when buses leave each day after school? Mr. Whitaker started this last year and it's amazing!

Buses usually run late the first few weeks of school as drivers acclimate to new routes and this little update is a lifesaver!

Around 3 PM each day go to the Sawnee Facebook page and wait for updates like this example below.

But Facebook is so busy! What if I miss the update??

When you are on the Sawnee Facebook page click the dots in the corner of the screen located next to the magnifying glass, then select follow settings, then select see first and standard notifications and click update to never miss a post. (Desktop screenshots below)

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

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