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School District Update with the Superintendent

Today, Dr. Bearden hosted a Family and Community Advisory meeting to address the status of the school year in terms of COVID updates but also to garner feedback from the community. To see the entire presentation click here.

Highlights from the meeting included:

  • With Fall break approaching it is imperative for us to continually remind our students of the need to mask up, back up, clean up and wash up.

  • Mask usage starts at home, keep this in the forefront of your students' minds.

  • October 22nd Forsyth County will offer a Flu Shot Clinic at Browns Bridge Church utilizing their outdoor covered area to support social distancing.

  • With the movement of some students going virtual or coming back into the classroom some classroom changes may happen. These will be communicated to any student affected the week of October 12th.

Several slides showed how low the COVID cases have been in Forsyth Schools, this is a product of constant vigilance from students, facility, staff, and the community at large.

The first slide is as of 9/16, active cases.

This is the community as a whole.

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